Top 3 Reasons You Should Never Use Poison for Animal or Wildlife Control 


Should You Use Poison for Animal or Wildlife Control?  It is important to respond to animal infestations in the most humane way possible. Poisoning animals is considered not only cruel but also dangerous to the health of humans and plants. Consequently, appropriate animal removal requires a lot of knowledge on how to protect the health of human beings, plants, and other species. Wildlife removal should not be handled unprofessionally; the use of poisons to kill animals is worse than infestation itself because it causes other undesired effects, including the death of those that are not targeted. Below are the top three reasons why you should never use poison to eradicate animals.


Use Poison for Animal or Wildlife Control Is Dangerous to Your Children, Pets, and Other Animals

Most types of poisons meant for wildlife removal can as well hurt humans and other untargeted animals. Your pets are attracted to poisons the very same way wild animals and pests are. Therefore, when you place toxins at home, your dogs, cats, and other pets could end up ingesting the poison, which could be fatal. In the worst-case situation, your children could get access to the polluted areas and end up eating contaminated substances, which may cause fatalities and serious health problems. If you have kids and other pets at home, the best option you have is to call animal control experts instead of opting for DIY removal methods that could endanger their lives.


Health Risk: Pests Could Die in Unlikely Places

Pests can get into the smallest places in your house, including very narrow corners and small openings. When a pest ingests poison, it could be hours before it dies. Rodents could die on their way back to their dens, which means they could end up in the attics, walls, and ventilation systems. It could be quite a while before you notice, but finally, when the bodies start to rot, they attract different kinds of flies and parasites, which would cause bad odors in your home. Additionally, if rodents die in the ventilation system, they could create a breeding site for bacteria, which could contaminate the indoor air in your home, resulting in chronic respiratory issues. You will be required to pull them out as soon as you notice the foul odors, which is an exercise that could cost you a lot of money.


Could Kill Generations and other Untargeted Animals

In most cases, wild animals invade homes in search of breeding grounds. When you poison them, you may kill mothers who are searching for food for their offspring. Orphaning the babies could cause their death, and when you kill young ones, you threaten the entire population. This causes an ecosystem imbalance in the long run. For instance, when too many rodents die, birds would also starve, hence reducing in population. Besides, if an animal feeds on a poisoned animal, it could also die from the toxin.


The use Poison for Animal or Wildlife Control could create a lot of problems overall, including death and other related health issues for humans. It could also cause the extinction of important animals that are critical to the ecosystem, including insects that help in pollination. Everyone has a duty to ensure proper animal removal by finding other safer ways of dealing with them. It is vital that you contact animal control professionals for appropriate and humane techniques for wildlife removal. In case you have an animal intruder in your home, contact Dog Gone Wildlife LLC for its safe and quick removal.